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Websites are the modern versions of magazines, newspapers, catalogues, greeting/business cards and telephones.

In many cases all you want to do is say – “Hi, this is who we are and this is what we do. See some samples, check out this special thing we do and click here to send a note and here is my phone number if you want to talk to me.”

With so much time spent on the net we are reluctant to spend a lot of time surfing so it is up to the creator of the web site to make it as short as possible, interesting and give the maximum of information.

To this end videos on web pages are becoming more popular.

We can create a short video and inject it into your web site where we agree it will deliver the greatest benefit.

In any case a website does not have to be complicated. Just to the point.  Web site samples at bottom.

Web Video for a Photo and Video Company (Mine)

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